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Friday, 27 July 2012

Day 67, Missoula - DAY OFF

A lovely day off in Missoula, what a fab little town.  Laundry in the morning with some Internet blogging. a nice breakfast at a cafe around the corner, before we headed off for the ACA BBQ!!  It was great to be able to go back to the HQ after resting, I was able to take it in and appreciate it much more. The workers seemed to leave real quick, so I never got to thanks them.  Met lots of the staff, ate some food, plus the English guys turned up too.  We had not seen them since, well, god knows when lol. They seemed well and it was good to speak to them and catch up.  Later in the afternoon I popped over to see the new Batman film.  Lots of adverts for some good new films coming out.  Batman itself was ok, it was nice to see the parts filmed down from work and lots of clips of Britain.  Lovely to be able to instantly recognise my country just by the colours and trees etc.  in the evening we walked around town, but left my camera at the hotel, so missed out on some great shots. 

 Walking around town
 Apparently I am messy, either that, or I have been burgled

 BBQ time

 Inside the office

 The English guys bikes
 Birthday girl


 Chomping the lovely cake
 Rolf, the guy I missed on the trip from London
 The Alaksan kid we met on our trip
 hmmm, I think I will pass
 All the map routes, so far.  Nearly completed ours
Reading the local paper in Missoula
Getting the guided tour

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