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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Day 56 - Jeffery City to Lander

Start time: 07.30
Start location: Jeffrey City
Start State: Wyoming
Start weather: Overcast
Total millage so far: 2,894.08

Finish time: 12.40
Finish location: Lander
Finish State: Wyoming
Finish weather: Overcast
Miles today: 59.92
Total millage so far: 2,954.0
Today's top speed: 41.2
Today's average speed: 14.1
Today's ride time: 4hrs 14mins 50sec
Punctures - 2 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel)

Music played:
The Essential Mix - Seb Fontaine + Steve Lawler live at SW4 - 27-08-06
The Essential Mix - ATFC - 31-01-09
The Essential Mix - Carl Craig - 26-02-11

Blog for this day:

Don't feel like writing much after 2.5 pizzas and a couple of pints tonight.  I will keep it brief then.  You can still see the old waggon trails in the fields to the left and right of the road.  There was a huge gap I guess you would call it with two pieces of land between what would have been a sea or large river.  Some of the roads were really crappy again and with the wind today, made the riding tough.  Lot of strong side winds which really made the bike unstable on the downhills.  The colour of the rocks were brilliant too.  Weather was hot and overcast.  Great bike shop in Lander, only bike shop, but really friendly and helpful.  Willing to put tourer's first and in front of the locals.Then I hit the bar & grill here, GREAT!  stuffed and great beer too!

Long day, and a long one tomorrow too.  Will get to see a Indian reservation, but been warned to be careful about thieving.  

Our lovely accommodation for that night


Uranium mine?
Great place to eat

Not much here either
Would love to see the truck this belonged to

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