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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 44 - Eads to Ordway

Start time: 07.39
Start location: Eadds
Start State: Colorado
Start weather: Warm
Total millage so far: 2296.26

Finish time: 13.30??
Finish location: Ordway
Finish State: Colorado
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 62.33
Total millage so far: 2358.59
Today's top speed: 26.1
Today's average speed: 14.7
Today's ride time: 4hrs 12mins 46
Punctures - 1 (slow back wheel)

Music played:
The Best Of The 80s (MetroLife Freebie)
The Big Chill
The Big Chill Classics

Blog for this day:

Last night we had the massive thunder storm and rain.  We awoke this morning to find a few puddles.  No torn off roofs, cows stuck head first into walls, even split trees.  Just puddles!  God dam.  The storm was pretty god damn bad though, either the building we were in got hit, or one nearby as there was a huge strike of lightning and a huge bang/thud sound.  Another strike hit something out in front of us, a power line, light post or whatever, but a load of sparks flew and the lights went out for a bit.  We have been showering at the local pools with mixed success.  Some of them have been pretty new and glam, others have been a hole in the ground with a few spotty teenagers diving in to some water, with the "showers" little more than a drizzle of water.  (I've added more vanilla essence to a cake!)  Yesterdays was an interesting one.  I'm not sure how to describe the doors to get into the changing room, except primitive springs to mind.   The shower to get water to come out, you had to pull a string while trying to wash yourself.  Still, this is meant to be a all American adventure so I was happy to give it a try - once.

Yesterday too, Sunday, there were lots of big oversized trucks moving parts for wind turbines, the drivers mostly gave us lots of room on the roads.  Today however, we had a complete nutcase who basically tried to kill all of us out on the road today.  I have no idea what this guys problem is, maybe he is small, fat, ugly with a small c*ck who has 5 divorced wives at home and god knows how many kids.  Anyway, watch the video and if you feel the same way, then share the video, send it around, make it viral and get this w@nker off the roads now before he kills someone.  I think there was a joke in the UK made by someone about all lorry drivers being murderers of prostitutes, they have probably all had part of their brains sucked out on their HGV test.

At a service station at the first stop we all took 5, ate some food, checked out the antique shop which was fantastic.  Now that I am over halfway through the trip, I am starting to acquire bits :)  Souvenirs of my trip.  Got some amazing bits!  lol.  It's not tat though so it's ok.  Judy played with some tumbleweed outside, (it wouldn't fit in my bag), and we topped up our water.  Some of the vinyl inside was fab!  Today I saw lots of deer and cactus, oh and plain plains.  I've not seen any prairie dogs or meerkats yet, grrrrr.  There are some sunflowers growing at the side of the roads, but no fields and fields like I was hoping.  For most, if not all the day, we have been following the old railroad I guess built by Chinese immigrants hundred or so year back, (that's old for America), which, with my amazing imagination, was probably attacked daily by masked bandits and Indians. It was probably fought over like in Once Upon A Time In The West, with small towns being built along its route.  I presume that's why there are so many towns and cities dotted along our route, most of them a ghost of their former selves now the railroad has closed, a bit like Sugar City.  A lot of these places have a railroad carriage in their parks as a reminder of a gone-by-era.

Hmm that's all the notes I have for today.  No one is able to come out and visit me while on my trip which sucks big time, nor will there be anyone at the airport to welcome me back.  I've also had pretty much no emails apart from a few people, (thanks very much), nor comments on FB - even just a simple "like".  I think that is kinda shitty so * * * * * *.

It has been another hot long day, and we have another tomorrow, but we should be able to see the mountains with any luck. When I finish I will put some hints and tips if anyone wants them, if your thinking about doing this trip.  The group was talking the other night, and as we are not self contained, i.e. carrying all our own stuff on the bikes, the trip is much "easier". So if we talk about how much fun the Ozarks were, that's because we were not hauling 100lb of stuff with us.  I was remembering blogs from last year which said how hard they were, but for us they were fine.  Anyway, that will all come later.

Good night from Ordway, home of a smelly cow feeding farm down the road. 

Must remember this song - Bill Withers - Lovely Day

 Colorado.  Plain plains.

 Long flat roads
 First town to get water and food.
 End up buying stuff at the shop!  fab!  a bit of London
 Playing with a tumbleweed
 Yapping with the locals
 No time for jail today, I doubt if it could have held me
 Our route today
 Long bumpy road
 pretty - at last
 Moments before it became road kill with a pop!
 Oh dear

 Typical of what we have seen today
Heading to Sugar City.  not sure why it is called that, must Wiki it


 Guy after some cash to "mend" his bike.  Gave him a 1$ to get some photo's.  Probably wanted the money for Meth, but hey, great photo
Easy Rider


  1. been catching up with your blog at airports free wifi. What an amazing life changing experience! I am concerned about your safety from those mad drivers. I just spent a week in a hire car and some of the driving had been madness...i blame automatic and cruise control! brains get switched off! please take car! Loving your blogs....not making want to cycle though! It WILL get better further west! Jx

    1. Hey there, thanks, glad your still reading and enjoying the blog. Hopefully it makes you laugh a lot too. Free wifi is just the best, I try and get as much as I can. I don't feel any different at the moment unfortunately, hopefully it will though. The drivers are tossers your right, they do just that and don't think or use any common sense when driving. We are in Colorado now and it is changing fast, and everyone says it will get better too. Thanks :)

  2. Hey Simon
    I met Ollie at Christiansburg Va. at the swimming pool. So I followed his blog until his accident. Now I am following your blog. In 1980 I followed the wheat harvest, you are going through many towns that I was in, so I enjoy your daily blog. Take care and be safe. Ray Showalter