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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 65, Jackson to Darby

Start time: 06.50
Start location: Jackson
Start State: Montana
Start weather: cold
Total millage so far: 3,349.24

Finish time: 13.49
Finish location: Darby
Finish State: Montana
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 75.29
Total millage so far: 3,424.53
Today's top speed: 43.4
Today's average speed:  16.7
Today’s ride time: 4hr 29min 0sec
Punctures - 3 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel), (major blowout)

Music played:
 The Essential Mix - Hull special - 27-01-12
 The Essential Mix - DJ Arty - 11-02-12
 The Essential Mix - Maceo Plex - 18-02-12

Blog for today:

Thank goodness for the cabin I paid $46 for.  Apparently it got really stormy in the night, high winds and some rain.  I heard a tree rustling, took a pee, and went back to sleep.  There were no torn tents, rubbish strewn across the grass or shell shocked people  though, so it couldn’t have been that bad.  Left camp nice and early and hit the road.  We had a bit of a tailwind too so we whizzed along quite merrily as a group, passing lots more amazing scenery, high mountains with snow topped caps.  The first major stop was at the Indian battlefield called Big Hole.  We were early so hung around and watched the prairie dogs running around.  Once inside we had a quick look around and watched the in flight movie.  It was very moving and sad, telling once again, how the Americans took the land belonging to the Indians and killed their people, women and children during this massacre.  What they would do was make a “peace treaty” with the Indians, giving them some land.  Then, once they found the given land was worth something like it had water or gold on it, they would then take it away from the Indians and make a new “peace treaty” with them.  This time in particular, taking away 90% of their lands.  No wonder they were pissed off.  It’s terrible how they were treated.

Like yesterday, there were some great downhill runs, but I’m still a little scared at going down them too fast, every bump or noise, I keep expecting the tire to burst, and this time, not being so lucky.  Plus there was some serious winds going on too, it was hard to control the bike safely.  I met some bikers who wanted their picture taken by the Idaho sign, they were nice guys, but I couldn’t stay and chat too long as I had to head off again.  After stopping for a burger at this nice little place in Sula, we were met with strong headwinds again, having to pedal hard to go downhill. The first initial climb I found ok, just hunkered down and kept at it.  From then on, the rest of the day was pretty much down hill.  We got into camp in good time and made cowboy chili-con-carne for the troops.   Then it was on to more talking about the end trip and heading to ACA HQ tomorrow in Missoula.  Back in the depths of winter, getting to this spot seemed like a million miles or years away.  Yet, here we are, about to go there then the final sprint to the Pacific coast line.  Then I have to fly back over the country I cycled over for the past three months in a matter of hours.  Looking down on the roads, towns and cities we cycled through and stayed at.  I dind’t think it would be that emotional at the end, but I guess the flight home will be the hardest part, maybe knowing with full dread that I have to go back to work now.  OR, knowing that because of this ride, changes have already been written in my life.  (As I write this, the Gina phone dance takes place, like on most evenings lol).

 Checking out the town
 Lots and lots of dead things on the walls
 Great huge space for parties
 Must be amazing at Christmas
 Busy street at 20.00
 Sunset over the mountains

 Day 65, Jackson to Darby

 The best looking windsock one can see, not moving!  funny little airport, not quite Heathrow!
 Wish someone would just drill a big hole through the mountains, would make life so much easier ;)
 A swarm of swallows, is that the right term?

 New pet to take home???

 Where the Indians were slaughtered by the yanks

 The last continental divide, or we are stuck
 Missed out on this sign, so grabbing a pic now
 Idaho sign was full of bullet holes, most yet!
We are not in Idaho yet BTW.

 Which pic to post, or sod it, put most of them up

 Huge fire took out the forests around Sula

 Missed out on the logging championships

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