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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day 81 - McKenzie Bridge to Eugene

Start time: 07.25
Start location: McKenzie Bridge
Start State: Oregon
Start weather: Cool
Total millage so far:

Finish time: 13.57
Finish location: Eugene
Finish State:
Finish weather: Warm
Miles today: 66.17
Total millage so far: 4,252.6
Today's top speed: 32.5
Today's average speed:  15.5
Today’s ride time: 4hr 15min 30sec
Punctures - 7 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel), (major blowout), (back wheel 31/7/12) , (back wheel 01/8/12), (front wheel, slowly over past week, suddenly flat as stopped at hotel 07/8/12), (BANG after being mended from earlier 07/8/12)

Music played:
The Very Best Of Power Ballads

Rod Stewart - The Story So Far - The Very Best Of

Blog for today:

Oh dear, what to write today.   I guess it is a really important day, but its getting late again and i want to get to bed before tomorrow, the last day.  Hmmm, so a great ride, we didn't get the 6 breakfasts we had planned for, but had one amazing one.  Roads were mostly good, especially when we got off the main road.  It was even better, even the hills were great and effortlessly to climb.  Tomorrow will be interesting, emotional.  Not sure if I will have time to do a blog tomorrow either.  It's always best to write it as soon as you can so you can add in all the detail and fun things which happened that day.  Exciting, nervous, scared, sleepless night????

Hot springs

 For the past 80odd days this has been my view down

 Where's Bungle and George?

 Christmas heaven

 Great place to eat
 Best pie so far
 More Simpsons?

 Arrested at last!


  1. Enjoy your final day,I will look forward to picking your brains on the do's and donts of a trans am .

  2. Wow, only one day left! Can't believe it's been more than 80 days already! Enjoy your last day, I'll look forward to seeing you and hearing all about your adventure (in person) in the office :) Jolin

  3. Cheers. the day was amazing, got to write it all up now.

    oh dear, back to the office, i forgot all about that place. Where is it again? lol