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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 74 - Halfway to Baker City

Start time: 08.00
Start location: Halfway
Start State: Oregon
Start weather: Warm
Total millage so far:

Finish time: 14.22
Finish location: Baker City
Finish State:
Finish weather: Hot
Miles today: 54.54
Total millage so far: 3,907.2
Today's top speed: 39.5
Today's average speed:  12.8
Today’s ride time: 4hr 14min 02sec
Punctures - 5 (slow back wheel), (staple in back wheel), (major blowout), (back wheel 31/7/12) , (back wheel 01/8/12)

Music played:

The Essential Mix - Carl Craig - 26-02-11   
The Essential Mix - Fergie - 24-09-06
The Essential Mix - Ferry Corsten - 17-04-10

Blog for today:

Dam, writing this a day late, so hard to remember what we did and when.  There was a long hard hill right out of the start town which was kinda hard going, especially as it heated it up real quick.  The downhill was pretty fun, but still didn't want to go too fast, there was also lots of loose gravel too.  The next town we had our second breakfast, so not loosing any more weight!  Then it was a long hard ride to Baker City.  Some crazy dangerous drivers about as usual, I guess they don't have anything better to do with their miserable sad little lives.  I got another slow puncture about 10miles from town which I had to keep blowing back up.  Of course there was no shade from the sun which was beating down.  I think its the tires fault, it has a small slit in it, and i think with all the loose stones about, they work their way into the gash and hit the inner-tube.  Bloody nuisances.  There really should have been a water top-up stop too, as we had a 30mile plus ride with no services to top up water, in temperatures over 90degrees.  I drank my 3bottles within the first 20miles.  Not good.  Then there was the road works with even more loose gravel, so I ended up riding pretty much the whole 10miles standing up.

Baker city is nice enough, god bike shop, at least, it seems to be, will let you know when I get back on the bike lol.  Good bars and lots of shop windows with hot-jock pictures :)  The ride was scenic as always, lots to See, although I missed the roadrunner which was on the road earlier.  Not much more to say.  Mostly enjoyable lol

 Cooking dinner
 Gina with her new puppies

 Day 74 - Halfway to Baker City
 Finally made grits.  Bought them in Virginia!!  So been carrying them for like 3months.


 English muffins!!  not long till home
 Not Halfway

 Ooo exciting, Butch Cassidy?  Nope, a landside

 I waited, but saw no "300" looking Spartans

 Cowboy training
 One for NZ Tony

 One for Richard hey Ben? lol


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