Looks great from the photo's

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Dam this weather!  Not been able to ride for some weeks now.  Weathermen are saying its going to rain pretty much all of April and into May.  Not sure what I'm to do.  I know that there will be many wet days out there, but I will have to just put up with them.  Cycling in London is dangerous enough, but with all the man-hole-covers and other metal coverings on the roads, it makes for a more dangerous ride when its wet. 


  1. Hey Simon, Kevin from Rawlins, WY here, I saw your map of Hoosier pass near Breckenridge, CO. I wanted to let you know that there are trees there that are 4000 years old. They are Bristlecone Pines located somewhere near Alma, CO. Some people claim they are the oldest living thing but you know how they are always finding something older. Hope your training is going good but I wouldnt worry to much because after a week or two of your tour you will be in shape. We had an early Spring so it may be warmer than you expected. Be Safe. Kevin

    1. Hi there, I thought I had replied to this, I guess not. The trees sound amazing, can't wait to see the many changes between the East and West of the country. Should be fantastic and lucky I can see this with my own eyes. Hope we have good weather, thanks Kevin, we will try as hard as possible :)