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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day17, Berea - Day off

Popped to Richmond to pick up a new air mattress as the other got a leak. Nice town, wished we could have stayed here as there is a lot to do. The taxi driver over was pretty funny in the way he spoke, sounded like a strangled cat. Very funny. He did recommend something called a Chinese restaurant! Watched some of the jubilee on bbc news channel, looked amazing.

Rest of the day was spent sleeping, eating crisps and just hanging out on campus looking cool! Well, for a 40yr old. Felt like I was still 20, or wanted to feel a 20yr old. Ate out tonight at a Italian style eatery. Not sure why everything is "style" over here. Is it because it's not real and they have to call it style so they don't get sued?? Ollie's son and family came today, that was pretty emotional.

That's been it for today. Glad it's over and we can move on and start again. Short day tomorrow, 54miles


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