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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ups & downs

Well, it's been a funny couple of months with lots of mixed feelings about doing this adventure. Do I want to go, do I want to do it. Would it not just be nicer to sit on a Mexican beach for 3 months, writing my blog? Yes it would! I think I had forgotten why the idea of the trip came about, it took a trip to the dentist to remind me. Thanks Pia. The reasons for the doubts, there is the obvious physical side of attempting something like this, the hard work and much training which I will need to do. There is the cost too, nearly 10k at the latest rough estimate. Yikes. It's easy to slip back into a comfortable way of life, and that's what the problem has been. I forgot about how short life is and how you only get one chance of making something of it. We could all sit on our bums and be comfortable for ever more. Easy. Then what? When your still sitting on your bum at aged 80 and you look back at your life. What will you see? Maybe some people are happy with looking back at how east it was. Don't they want to accomplish something to make them feel alive? Hmmmm bit of a rant while London underground yet again f*cks up my journey to work. One thing I won't miss next year.

So, work have said yes and even signed the piece of paperwork! Can't believe it. Maybe deep down I have been wanting people to say No, you can't go, or you can't do it. But I have been surprised at how no one has stood in my way! Dam, I've got to go now lol. The flights, when I started my research, they were going for £1009. A lot of money. When I checked about a month ago, they had dropped to £955. Book book book now. But I couldnt until work had signed me off. Groan. I got the signatures last week, and yesterday I was all ready to book. Glad I never, as this morning I went to book and they had dropped to £755!!! F*cking A!! So it's all go, unless adventure cycling don't get enough sign ups for the trip. That would be very bad.

Ok. So 4525 odd miles to cycle, over mountains, plains, farmland, rivers like the Mississippi, chased by wild crazed dogs. (can't wait to buy cans of Mace!). Bears, wolves and coyotes, herds of buffalo and no doubt red indians chasing them, in my dreams anyway. The wild west, snow, wind and rain. Scorching heat, flat tires and aching muscles.
Ok, why am I doing this again? Oh yes. So it starts, after Christmas, diet and full on training. There will be so many things happening next year which I will miss though, like the Olympics, queens jubilee, weddings and birthdays too. Will it be worth it? I think so. If you want to find out, then jump to my thoughts on the last pages!

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