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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Re-write of original post - New blogger app

Blogger app

well that messed up and deleted my original post!

re typing what I originally wrote!!!!:

Well as the new blogger app decided to overwrite what I had originally written, I’m going to have to try and remember what I wrote!  Nightmare.  I guess I must have written about why I wanted to do this trip, my thoughts, ideas, worries, so here goes... Again! 

Where did the idea come from and why am I doing this?  We had a holiday in America 2011, and had a great time exploring NY, Philly and DC.  While in Philly we hired a car and went out exploring, mainly to go see the Amish.  This was amazing and I guess like everyone else who visits, was really taken with their way of life.  Seeing men work the fields with horses pulling ploughs, kids in little hats and blue shirts playing with little scooters and women hanging out their washing, I thought it was great.  If they let me take my iPhone, gore-tex and some other modern day items in, I would go join them!  Going off topic here, ok, the countryside was fab too, rolling hills, big skies, little bridges with roofs on, empty roads apart from little buggies here and there.  Lovely place to cycle.  When I got home I looked into going over with my bike and cycling around some of the little towns like Bird in hand, Paradise and of course Intercourse, snigger.  Then I thought, well if I was going to all the hassle of going just there, wouldn’t it be fun to cycle across America, ha haha ah aha. 

I started to do some loose research and found there was a route which a lot of people, old and young, travelled along.  The TransAmerica route 76.  I started reading more and more blogs, asking questions, joining forums and so it appeared to become a real possibility.  Time and money would be an issue though, how can I afford it, and how do I get the time off.  The company I work for is not the most forward thinking or staff friendly.  To suggest taking a 3month sabbatical will cause confusion among the managers.  It is the only way I can do the trip, unless I leave.  I have to sell them the idea that it is better they let me take 3months off, get someone to cover for me, and for me to come back refreshed.  They could panic and just say no, which has a high probability.  I’ve found and printed off a load of comments which I can show them like “It can simply be a great way of re-charging your batteries, expanding your skills and making sure you come back to your role fresh and rejuvenated,” “By allowing their staff to take a sabbatical for their career break companies benefit because they are not losing valuable employees in the long term” so we will see.  Then there is the question if they say no, I am going to have to leave, which will screw a lot of things up.  Is doing this trip such a good idea then?  Should I not put my career first?  It is after all a very selfish idea in every way.  Here come the reasons and excuses.  I’ve been in London since 2000 and in this job for nearly 10years and I really need a break, I want a challenge, have an adventure and see some amazing sights.  The blogs I’ve read have some amazing photo’s posted by their authors.  OK, I have got a secure house, I’m paid a lot of doing not much, a good relationship, foreign holidays and trips abroad throughout the year.  Isn’t that enough?  I’m bored and what with Morgan’s death this year from cancer, he was in his early 40s, I’m worried that if I don’t do something now, then I never will.  If I put it off to next year, will I still want to do it.  Who knows what will happen next year, I could get ill. I want something I can look back on and say, hey I’ve done something amazing, I haven’t been stuck in a job all my life with nothing to show for it.  Yes there is the house, car and holidays, but it’s not the same.  It’s a real dream, yes I could have more when I complete this one, who knows. I know my family and some of my friends are not being positive about this idea, some of the reasons make sense.  If I leave, what will I do when I return?

Enough of that kinda stuff.  On to  the main event.  So, I want to travel extra-lite if possible, this is going to be tuff.  I don’t want to be weighed down with panniers, I want to enjoy my bike and the ride, the freedom of it all.  There are different ways I am thinking of doing it, either by posting bits on every now and again, buying bits as I go while just having a rucksack.  I have to test out what I am going to take and what will fit in.

Forgot what else I wrote in the original idea post.  I plan to have 3months off and travel on average 60miles a day.  I’ve been making a list of nice places to visit and stay from other peoples blogs.  I guess anything else I remember, I will add in new blog posts.

oh yes, nearly forgot, I will also be 40 in 2012, so mid-life crises!  10yrs at same boring job too.

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